The Unmanned Aerial Systems and most robotic systems have been more or less a military industry until recently. The cost of the equipment has been very high and the requirements to operate it has been complex and difficult.

Now this is changing; the technology has reached a level of maturity that enables wider commercial use, making it relevant for a lot of different target groups and industries. 

Nordic Unmanned cooperates with the world's leading technology developers and manufacturers in unmanned systems on land, in air and under water. We tailor solutions based on your needs for data, sensors or camera. 

The systems we introduce to the marked is cutting-edge proven technology that have been tested in the most extreme environments on the planet. Unmanned systems is the future solution to reduce risk and cost while it can provide data from inaccessible areas.


Highly experienced team with more than 50 years in remote operated technology, more than 30 years offshore competence, 60 years Norwegian and US military experience and 30 years emergency preparedness onshore and offshore. 

Knut Roar Wiig


Nordic Unmanned is a Norwegian technology company based in Sandnes, which delivers products and services based on unmanned systems and innovative sensor technology, in air, at sea and on the ground.